{ Right. Instinct. And only instinct, huh?
Annie didn’t even care at that moment,
too worked up by — Well. Everything. The
tension, the time, the amount of ‘almost’
moments and things that should have,
could have, would have happened. And
honestly? Annie’s about had it.

                  Lips worked slowly against the
                  other girl’s, savoring the taste
                  and the feel and the way she felt
                  a shudder running up her spine.
                  It was just as good as she hoped. }

"Been wanting to do that
— For a long time.”

                         ██ █ ☽☾ 

                  a gasp is stolen from her lips
                         at the sudden loss of contact,
                      disappointment and amusement warring
           with one another as she raises a brow.

                                 ❝ should’ve done it earlier.
                                            — save some time. ❞


        “Because I need a hobby that
                   isn’t self-destructive.”


      [ That answer turned out much more
            thought out than she’d anticipated… ]

                      ██ █ ☽☾ 

           and with just a few words,
                       the promise is 
                  —— who says cora hale doesn’t
                                    have a heart?
               ( oh yeah, her. )

                   ❝ — fair enough. ❞

                               the words are stitched into her sigh.


& insolenthale

❝ ———- why do you keep staring
                    at me like that


                    ██ █ ☽☾ 

           ❝ —— because you’re looking
                       better than
aphrodite. ❞

                              it’s snarked dryly,
                                     eyes flitting back to the algebra
               textbook set on her knee dismissively.

you need a ride home?




{ That’s it. That’s all you’re getting.
It’s only been almost a fucking year. }

                         ██ █ ☽☾ 

                  and it’s a surprise,
                         because cora is a fool—
                      an oblivious fool,
                                  yet still, her hands move
                              to hold her on pure instinct.


        “I’m taking painting classes so I’m going to, actually.”


     [ Cue the cheeky smile that just reads
                —— You bet you’re getting paintings for your birthday. ]

                      ██ █ ☽☾ 

           resolution builds within her hues—
                     the promise that these art supplies will
mysteriously disappear is made mentally.

                   ❝ —— why? ❞

                        IMMORTAL AGAIN : a teen wolf verse

The Story ;;

Long ago, the Greeks worshiped their Gods. They were the Great Olympians, who lived in their palace shrouded by clouds. They went down to earth often and visited. For thousands of years, they ruled over the people as the Immortal Gods, having more power than anyone could imagine.

And then, they were powerless. When the humans stop believing in them, their power and their lives started to fade. Being too arrogant to ask for help, they just let it happen. And, one by one, the Great Olympians fell, dying as the faith in them was lost.

Thousands of years later, residents of Beacon Hills coexist. Some get along, and some don’t. But, they all have powers that are different, so they kept them to themselves. But, around the same time, their powers enhanced. And as they came into their powers, getting stronger and confiding in each other about them, it hit them. All of their memories of their life before this one came back.

They were more than just people. They were Gods. Their immortality had returned, as had all of their powers. They don’t know why or how, but they just know it to be true. For now, they’re living the life they were, but they all long for the life they had.

The Rules ;;
  • Be sure to be tracking the tag v; immortal again, to keep track of starters for the verse.
  • Post for the verse at least once a week, or you’ll ask to be removed.
  • Be sure to create plots and communicate with everyone as much as you can.
The Application ;;

Submit the form below to boosterish when you feel as though you’ve finished it.

GOD/GODDESS: If you’re playing an unlisted character, add which God or Goddess they are. If not, put in a creepy smiley.

The Olympians ;;

Zeus — Sheriff Stilinski
Poseidon — Chris Argent
Hades — Peter Hale 
Hestia — OPEN
Hera — Melissa McCall 
Ares — Derek Hale
Athena — Kate Argent
Apollo — Isaac Lahey
Artemis — Allison Argent
Aphrodite — Erica Reyes
Hermes — Stiles Stilinski
Hephaestus — Liam Dunbar
Demeter — Malia Tate
Persephone — Lydia Martin
Dionysus — Vernon Boyd
Eros — Mason Fletcher
Nemesis — Violet
Eris — Cora Hale


born not bitten. [listen

we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

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